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Palight Trimboard offers the centuries-old familiarity and workability of wood, but with none of the drawbacks.

It won’t rot, fade or split. And it holds its beautiful appearance for decades. Because it's available in typical wood profiles sizes, architects and builders can easily incorporate Palight Trimboard into nearly any trim project for a beautiful and lasting finish.


Why Palight® Trimboard?

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  • Keep it clean from production through construction with our EverClean™ Protective Film
  • Cut it, shape it, fasten and paint it easily
  • Free foam PVC with smooth edges and consistent, uniform dimensions
  • Low maintenance—impervious to moisture, rot or insects
  • Long-lasting durability and beauty
  • Available in standard and ProFinish™ profiles
  • 30 year limited residential warranty

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PVC trim with sealed edges and protective film against dirt and abrasion.


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